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The Genron NPO Poll 2016:
The Future of Northeast Asia and Public Opinions

As an independent, non-governmental think tank with a mission to strengthen Japanese democracy and to pursue new civil diplomacy to create peaceful environment and stability in Northeast Asia, The Genron NPO is particularly concerned with the political climate in Northeast Asia and the state of democracy in the world. As such, our organization conducted a number of opinion polls to address current challenges on the basis of public opinion, commensurate with the approach of citizen participation in political democracy.

The following document details the findings and trends of the following opinion polls carried out by The Genron NPO in 2016: the 2nd Japan-China-ROK Public Opinion Poll, the 12th Japan-China Public Opinion Poll, the 4th Japan-South Korea Public Opinion Poll, and the Japan-Indonesia-India Public Opinion Poll on Democracy. These surveys concern issues of establishing/maintaining peace in Northeast Asia, public sentiment on neighbouring countries, as well as future challenges regarding democracy. We hope that the results of these polls will become an important resource for the promotion of democracy and a peaceful order in Asia.

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