The 13th Tokyo-Beijing ForumJapan-China cooperation for a more open
global economic order and peace in Asia

December 16, 2017


The 13th Tokyo-Beijing Forum will be held in Beijing under the general theme of "Japan-China cooperation for a more open global economic order and peace in Asia." The forum will seek to conduct straightforward and practical dialogue for the improvement of bilateral relations, as well as expand the scope of discussion to examine how the two countries can cooperate in contributing to Asia, and to global issues and order.

As anti-globalism and protectionism become more prevalent in the global economy, it becomes even more important that Japan and China cooperate to establish a more open economic order.Furthermore, tension continues to rise in Northeast Asia due to North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile development. Japan and China need to cooperate in addressing the issues on the Korean Peninsula because the international political and global economic environments, as well as peace in Northeast Asia, face many uncertainties.

This year marks the 45th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic ties between Japan and China, and we are facing a historic moment where we need to consider the future of the bilateral relationship.

The 13th Tokyo-Beijing Forum will take place with such a historic mission in mind. In order to contribute to the peaceful resolution of this region's difficulties as well as issues that the two countries, Northeast Asia and the world face, some 100 experts, including senior politicians, businesspersons, security experts and journalists from both countries, will convene to conduct a series of extensive discussions.

Coming soon- All reports of the discussion will be on this website

The Tokyo-Beijing Forum

The Tokyo-Beijing Forum is a platform for private-sector dialogue proposed by The Genron NPO, and launched by experts and scholars from Japan and China in 2005 when relations between the two countries deteriorated and major anti-Japan demonstrations were held in China.The purpose of this forum is not only to address issues that the two countries face but to establish a platform for constructive and candid private-sector dialogue on the future of the two countries as well as Asia.

The discussions, which are open to the general public, are aimed at shaping new approaches to building mutual understanding between the two countries. In order to facilitate such goals, a joint survey in Japan and China that is linked to the forum is held every year so that the discussions reflect the views and perceptions of the general public. This forum has continued without interruption even during times when relations between the two countries were strained. It has served as the sole trustworthy and influential platform for private-sector dialogue that has contributed to improving relations between the two countries.

In 2006, then Chief Cabinet Secretary Shinzo Abe emphasized the need to improve the bilateral relationship during the forum, and has since opened a new phase of Japan-China relations such as through his visit to China during his premiership. Furthermore, when the two countries were at odds over the disputed East China Sea Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands in 2013, the forum adopted a historic statement called the "Beijing Consensus" in which both parties agreed to a "No-war Pledge." The content of the statement was reported worldwide, and was well received not only in Japan and China but in Europe and the United States. In 2014, the forum celebrated its 10th anniversary and formed a new partnership with China International Publishing Group. The Genron NPO works with CIPG to conduct dialogue for building a new Japan-China relationship.

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