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World Agenda Studio―debating global issues, proposing solutions from Japan

The Genron NPO launched a new challenge of engaging global agenda to contribute to solution of global issues at hand. We expand the discussion framework in Japan and elaborate with other leading global think-tanks in pursuit of solving the imminent problems facing countries around the world. For this purpose, we newly launched the "World Agenda Studio" page to our website, where our activities are reported as a voice of Japan.

The Tokyo Conference has been launched as a multilateral platform for dialogue on diverse global issues, by engaging the world's leading thinktanks, and aims to submit our proposal to the Group of Seven (G-7) leaders.

Our immediate concern is that the international order since the end of World War II, rooted in the principles of "individual freedom" and "democracy," could be undermined. At this critical juncture, the representatives of the 10 dvanced democracies, which shared the fundamental values, gathered in Tokyo to conduct dialogue on global issues.
The outcome of their discussions has been submitted as our proposal to the government of Japan and the G7.

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2017/11/21 [ World Agenda Studio 2017 ]

November 21, 2017
The Genron NPO 16th Anniversary Forum

"How can we address the challenges to liberal democracy?"

On November 21, 2017, The Genron NPO hosted an afternoon forum in Tokyo titled, "How can we address the challenges to liberal democracy?" Hosted and moderated by Genron President Yasushi Kudo, the presentations and discussion provided the audience with a better understanding of the background of t...

2017/07/14 [ World Agenda Studio 2017 ]

Round-table discussion
Japanese experts see signs of new approaches
to solving global issues at G-7 summit

The latest leaders' meeting of the Group of Seven major economies held in Italy in May is likely to pave the way toward moves to address global issues from the point of view of ordinary people, according to noted Japanese researchers. The summit represented U.S. President Donald Trump's debut at th...

2017/07/07 [ World Agenda Studio 2017 ]

Round-table discussion
Trump a threat to world free trade, experts say

Promoting global trade is one of the important agendas at the G20 summit convening July 7-8 in Hamburg, Germany. Global efforts to establish free trade are at a crossroads, with U.S. President Donald Trump pulling out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and trying to renegotiate the North Americ...

2017/07/06 [ Council of Councils ]

G20 Hamburg Summit 2017
G20 and the Maintenance of the Liberal International Order

Yasusi Kudo President, The Genron NPO The Group of 20 (G20) is among the most important global forums for international economic cooperation and coordination. International society has faced numerous issues, what will be main agenda at the G20 Summit? This article is also published in the website o...

2017/05/10 [ Council of Councils ]

World Leading Brains from 25 Countries Grade on "Report Card of Advancing International Cooperation".
~ Council of Councils Report Card Overview ~

"Preventing and responding to violent conflict between states" as well as "combating transnational terrorism" are indicated as high priority issues for world leaders in 2017. On May 9th, 2017, just before G7 Summit so called Taormina Summit, the 6th annual meeting of Council of Councils (CoC) which ...