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Chinese Economy at a crossroads, shaking the world


Chinese Economy's soft landing critical for the rest of the world

Kazuto Uchida: Executive Officer, The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
Hideo Hayakawa: Senior Executive Fellow, Fujitsu Research Institute

Analysis report of the three-country opinion poll on Prime Minister Abe's historic statement

How do intellectuals in Japan, China and South Korea see the Abe statement?

Japanese respondents are split over the statement while many Chinese and South Korean respondents say they are not satisfied

▸ See the survey result analysis


Abe urged to follow up on Statement to mend fences with China, S. Korea

Ken Jimbo, associate professor, Keio University)
Akio Takahara, professor, Tokyo University
Takao Yamada, columnist for The Mainichi Newspapers

Why are we committed to 'Genron Diplomacy'?


'Genron Diplomacy' paves the way for regional peace and order

Ken Jimbo, associate professor, Keio University
Yasushi Kudo,Genron NPO President

Can 'Genron Diplomacy' contribute to peace-building in Asia?

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President of
The Genron NPO
Yasushi Kudo

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"Morning Forum": Foreign Minister Kishida speaks about the Abe Cabinet's diplomatic policy

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