The 12th Tokyo-Beijing Forum
Jointly organized by the China International Publishing Group (CIPG) and The Genron NPO, a Japanese not-for-profit independent think tank, the forum focused mainly on the issues of peace and development in East Asia, and the world economy, as well as the desired modality of Japan-China cooperation in a new era.

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The 12th Japan-China Joint Opinion Poll (2016)

no imageAlthough the latest annual survey on Japan-China relations shows that the Chinese and Japanese public's views of each other's country have worsened, hope for improvement in such sentiment lies in direct interaction between the people of the two countries.

⇒ The 12th Japan-China Joint Opinion Poll Analysis Report on the Comparative Data(2016)
⇒ Polls show Sino-Japan public sentiment worsens; direct interaction key to improvement

The Genron NPO has released the results of a joint opinion survey about democracy,
covering 3,000 people in Japan, Indonesia and India.

no image--- The poll was jointly conducted by The Genron NPO, the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) of Indonesia and the Observer Research Foundation of India.
--- The poll found that many people in Japan, Indonesia and India believe democracy is functioning appropriately in their own country, whereas Japanese people expect their political parties will achieve little, compared to the high expectations held by Indonesian and Indian people.             ⇒ Read Report


no image Recent joint annual public opinion polls in Japan and South Korea show a halt to years of worsening feelings toward each other's country, but both countries' peoples are not totally confident that bilateral relations will continue to improve.          ⇒ Read Report


World Agenda Studio―debating global issues, proposing solutions from Japan

The Genron NPO launched a new challenge of engaging global agenda to contribute to solution of global issues at hand. We expand the discussion framework in Japan and elaborate with other leading global think-tanks in pursuit of solving the imminent problems facing countries around the world. For this purpose, we newly launched the "World Agenda Studio" page to our website, where our activities are reported as a voice of Japan.

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Roundtable discussion
Experts foresee tough road ahead
for Britain's planned EU exit

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Roundtable discussion
Trump as U.S. president unlikely to weaken
U.S.-Japan alliance, experts say

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Roundtable discussion
Is democracy the answer to the complex
issues facing global society today?

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