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   ―Providing debates and policy options to the world
The Genron NPO is pleased to announce the renewal of its English website. Up todate, the English web site delivered updates on our projects, research and debates from our key projects, such as civil diplomacy in East Asia and Japanese democracy. With the newly-launched platform to deliberate on solutions for global issues, we will also deliver more quality debates and opinions from Japan to Asia and to the world.

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World Agenda Studio:
Delivering Japanese opinions in tackling with global issues to the world

World Agenda Studio  is  a cross-cutting platform  contributing to pressing global issues that the world faces today. The Genron NPO will work to develop this platform for debate on solutions to global issues, in cooperation with international think tanks, to make a positive impact in this complex world.                                           →Go to World Agenda Studio

no imageRoundtable discussion
Japan's leadership in resolving global issues
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Roundtable discussion
Media experts discuss how Japan can share its opinion to contribute to the international efforts on global issues               →Read Report

The Genron NPO 14th Anniversary Party
Future of Japan and the Responsibility of Public Debate

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The Genron NPO celebrated the 14th anniversary since its establishment this November. In appreciation for Mr. Kobayashi's contribution, we reflected upon the late Yotaro Kobayashi's messages on democracy and reconsidered what democracy should look like in our country.
Upon this 14th anniversary, we have renewed our commitment to quality policy debates and reaffirmed the importance of public debate for future of Japanese society.

→The Genron NPO 14th anniversary party

→Read report of the Genron NPO 14th anniversary party
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11th Tokyo-Beijing Forum
Japanese and Chinese experts engaged in dialogue for the future of Japan-China relations and Northeast Asia

The Genron NPO held the annual Tokyo-Beijing Forum this fall in Beijing. This marks the 11th such forum since its inauguration in 2005.
Japanese and Chinese experts discussed and deliberated on measures to deal with security challenges between Japan and China and on the future of the Chinese economy.
→Japanese and Chinese Specialists Exchange Candid Opinions on Defense Policies
→Japanese and Chinese economists, business leaders agree on a need to re-energize bilateral economic relations
→Japanese and Chinese delegates share ultimate goal to ensure peace and stability in Northeast Asia

Japan-U.S.-China-ROK Quadlirateral Opinion Poll/Japan-U.S.-China-ROK Think Tank Dialogue
How 7000 people in Japan, the U.S., China and South Korea think about the future of Northeast Asia and peace

Japan-U.S.-China-ROK Think Tank Dialogue
Panelists scrutinize the quadrilateral joint opinion poll featuring the voices of 7,000 citizens in four countries                       →Read report
Japan-U.S. Dialogue
U.S. foreign policy experts call for stronger security alliance relations to ensure peace and stability in Northeast As                     →Read report


Abe Cabinet

The Genron NPO conducted evaluation of Abe Cabinet's performance in 2012-2015 against the campaign pledges of LDP since the party regained the control of the government in 2012. Despite the slightly improved grade compared to the last annual study, showing long-term vision and ensuring accountability on its policies remain weak.
▸ Read more on Abe Cabinet's report card
▸ Read Genron NPO poll on Abe Cabinet's performance in 2016

World Agenda Studio―debating global issues, proposing solutions from Japan
The Genron NPO launched a new challenge of engaging global agenda to contribute to solution of global issues at hand. We expand the discussion framework in Japan and elaborate with other leading global think-tanks in pursuit of solving the imminent problems facing countries around the world. For this purpose, we newly launched the "World Agenda Studio" page to our website, where our activities are reported as a voice of Japan.

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Roundtable discussion
Japan must bring energy policy in line with Paris climate accord, experts say
Noted Japanese environment experts have praised the Paris Agreement on a road map for combating global warming from 2020 on but at the same time, called on Japan to explore a more environmentally friendly energy policy with a reduced use of fossil fuels.             ▸ Read report

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Roundtable discussion
Japan's leadership in resolving global issues challenged
Experienced experts of diplomacy and international agenda discussed Japan's ability of contributing for solution of global issues, Japan's possible roles in the global community and how it can empower itself.         ▸ Read report

(Japanese Only)

Roundtable discussion
Media experts discuss Japan's inability to explain itself to the world
The Genron NPO invited three prominent media experts to express their views on Japan's growing inability to have its voice heard globally.            ▸ Read report 


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