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New awards launched to improve quality of NPO activities in Japan

A major private-sector conference organized in order to improve the quality of non-profit organizations in Japan will start commending excellently performing NPOs this year.
The People's Conference Aimed at Encouraging Excellent NPOs will extend awards to NPOs selected based on 33 evaluation criteria in four areas.
The Citizens' Award will go to organizations whose activities are open to citizens with...

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In pursuit of "Excellent NPOs" as change agents

The following is an abridged translation of the preface, written by Genron NPO Representative Yasushi Kudo, in a booklet entitled, "What are Excellent NPOs?" In the preface, Kudo elaborates on the circumstances leading to the recent initiation of a drive, led by a group of NPOs to accredit 'Excellent NPO' statuses, using the newly formulated criteria for evaluation. In the wake of...

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Excellent NPO Standard

Three Terms of Excellent NPO Standard

I would like to explain why we decided to establish the concept of Excellent NPOs. The reason for this is because we had a shared anxiety on the state of non-profit organizations in Japan today. We were concerned that non-profit organizations may...

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Mission and Goals of The People's Conference Aimed at Encouraging Excellent NPOs


"Creating Qualitative Competition in the Non-Profit Sector as well as Creating a Strong and Rich Civil Society"

Our society is supported by various private not-for-profit organizations such as...

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What is an Excellent NPO?

Excellent NPOs are not-for-profit organizations that fulfill the following conditions:
"Excellent NPOs are not-for-profit organizations that challenge social issues based on their missions. Their activities are outcome-based and these activities are widely supported by citizens. While maintaining structural stability, they are also ambitious for innovations. These organizations' structural stability and abilities to innovate let them tackle...

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The Excellent NPO Standard -- Three Basic Criteria

How can not-for-profit organizations become Excellent NPOs?
We extracted 3 basic criteria of an Excellent NPO, based on the definition of the concept.

- Citizenship
- Innovativeness...

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Organization Info on The People's Conference Aimed at Encouraging Excellent NPOs

Organization Information

Organization Name: The People's Conference Aimed at Encouraging Excellent NPOs

Year of Establishment: November 2010 ...

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