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March 07, 2017

The Genron NPO launched the Tokyo Conference on March 4, with the representatives from internationally renowned think tanks from the G-7 member countries plus Brazil, India, and Indonesia. This year's Tokyo Conference focused on uncertainty in the future of international order and democracy. Based on discussion at the Conference, it issued a message to the G-7 Taormina Summit.

Prior to the Tokyo Conference, The Genron NPO conducted a Japanese experts opinion poll from February 27 to March 3 on the subjects and obtained 281 responses on these timely topics.

Survey of Experts

About the Survey

The Genron NPO released March 3rd the result of a survey of experts to address issues facing us, freedom and democracy in danger, which is also the main theme of the Tokyo Conference. The survey was distributed about 6000 experts, and conducted for 5 days from February 27th to March 3rd in 2017. It covered 281 of experts, and the analysis was made based on this.

Information of Experts


Q1. How do you assess President Trump's actions and statements as of the present? 【choose one】


Q2. In addition to the emergence of President Trump, various changes are beginning to take place in the world such as Brexit from the EU and the rise of rightist populism in Europe. Given the world situation, what matters are of particular concern to you? 【choose one or more options】


Q3. It is said that we have a "trilemma" situation where globalization, the state and democracy are beginning to collide against a backdrop where freedom and democracy in the world are receding. What this means essentially is that realizing the three simultaneously is difficult. At this stage, what do you believe we should give priority to in order to improve this situation? 【choose one】


 Q4. With President Trump's rise to power and the increasing influence of EU populist politics, how do you view the future of a liberal international system and international order in the world? 【choose one】


Q5. How do you view the current state of globalization? 【choose one】


Q6. How do you view the current state of democracy in the world? 【choose one】


Q7. Underlying the rising populism observed in developed countries is strong criticism and a backlash against the intellectuals and the media. Can you expect the current intellectuals and media to play a role in solving problems? 【choose one】


Q8. As we witness international politics become more unstable, do you believe preserving norms such as "responsible freedom" and "democracy" as well as promoting these is necessary for the world as well as Japan in the future? 【choose one】


Q9. What do you think we must do to overcome the crisis of democracy we are witnessing in the world today, and to make democracy function robustly? 【choose one or more options】


  Q10. Large numbers of refugees and migrants from the Middle East and Africa have been pouring into Europe, causing chaos as European countries struggle to deal with the ongoing influx and triggering problems of xenophobia and nationalism. What do you think we need to give priority to in our consideration of the refugee problem right now? 【choose one】


Q11. Do you think Japan should accept more refugees and immigrants? 【choose one】


Q12. The Genron NPO has launched the "Tokyo Conference" to commence discussion of world issues. In the future, what topics do you think we should discuss at the Tokyo Conference? 【choose one or more options】


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