Date/Time: 28-29 July 2017
Venue: United Nations University, 5F Elizabeth Rose Conference Hall
The 5th Japan-Korea Future Dialogue

July 06, 2017


South Korea
Former Ambassador to the Republic of Korea; Advisor, The Japan Foundation; Yun, Duk-Min Former Chancellor, the Korea National Diplomatic Academy
Yoriko Kawaguchi Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Hur, Sae-Hong President & CEO, GS Global Corporation
Kudo Yasushi President, The Genron NPO Kim, Tae-Young Former Minister of National Defense
Yoji Koda Former Commander-in-Chief, Self Defense Fleet; Vice Admiral, Japan Maritime Self Defense Force (Ret.) Lee, Cheol-hee Member of the National Assembly (The Minjoo Party)
Seiichi Kondo Former Commissioner, Agency of Cultural Affairs Jung, Byung-kook Member of the National Assembly (The Bareun Party)
Yasuyo Kanda Professor, Kanda University of International Studies Lee, Sook-Jong President, East Asia Institute
Katsumi Sawada Editorial writer, Mainichi Shimbun Park, In-Guk Former Ambassador to the UN; President, the Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies
Soichi Tsukamoto Vice-director of the International Press Bureau, NHK Shin, Kak-soo Former Ambassador to Japan; President, the Center for International Law at the Korea National Diplomatic Academy
Hideshi Tokuchi Former Vice Minister of Defense for International Affairs Sohn, Yul Professor, The Graduate School of International Studies at Yonsei University
Ichiro Fujisaki Former Ambassador to the United States Song, Ji Yeoun Professor, Seoul National University
Junya Nishino Professor, Keio University Oh, Young-Hwan Tokyo Bureau Chief, JoongAng Ilbo
Yuji Miyamoto Former Ambassador to China Shim, Kyu Sun Associate Executive Director, Donga Ilbo
Gen Nakatani Member of the House of Representatives, former Director of Ministry of Defense Moon, Seong Mook Senior Researcher, the Korea Research Institute for National Strategy
Masanori Nishi Former Administrative Vice Minister of Defense    
Atsushi Ijuin Lead Economist, Japan Center for Economic Research    
Shogo Aoki President, Junior Chamber International Japan    


The Japan-Korea Future Dialogue, which first began in 2013, involves experts and the general public in an open civic-level discussion on issues concerning Japan and South Korea. It is now heading into its 5th year.

With issues ranging from the Japan-South Korea comfort women agreement and the unpredictability of foreign relations under the new administration, Japan-South Korea relations are as complicated as ever. On top of that, there has been much tension in the region of Northeast Asia over North Korean nuclear weapon development and missile tests. Against the backdrop of these issues, at the 5th Japan-Korea Future Dialogue, we will discuss ways to improve bilateral relations, and topics concerning North Korea and regional peace. Through these discussions, we hope to determine the roles that Japan and South Korea can play, and propose these ideas to our respective governments.

Kazuo Ogura, the former ambassador to South Korea will act as chairman of the open session. Over 30 foreign policy specialists, politicians, academics, journalists, and business executives will be in attendance, including Yoriko Kawaguchi, the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Yuji Miyamoto, Lee Sook-Jong, president of the East Asia Institute, and Kim Tae-young, the former Minister of National Defense (South Korea). We understand that you may be busy, but we sincerely hope that you will attend this most important dialogue.

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