The Tokyo Conference 2019

March 03, 2019

Date: 3 March 2019
Venue: The Hotel Okura Tokyo | Tokyo, Japan
Panelists: TBA
Overview: The aim of the Tokyo Conference is to promote discussions on the
pressing issues the world faces among representatives of the leading
thinktanks in ten countries which have the stand point of fostering the
norms and principles such as individual freedom, democracy and
multilateralism as the basis for the international cooperation and global

The confrontations between Washington and Beijing are not limited to trade
but are beginning to show signs of a full-fledged face-off in pursuit of
world dominance. The battle between the two superpowers is posing
historical challenges to the liberal international order and a serious
uncertainty in the world.

The Tokyo Conference 2019 is slated to be convened in early March next year
at a crucial time, which is shortly after the planned end of the 90-day
suspension of additional U.S. tariffs against China. At the Tokyo
Conference, panelists will examine the worsening Sino-U.S. relationship,
and the future of the global free-trade regime and multilateralism, while
exchanging views on how to defend and advance the liberal world order. The
opinions and proposals in the conference will be submitted to the G7 and
G20 presidencies, French and Japanese governments.

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