Asia Peace Conference 2023
Re-opening of US-China Dialogue and Peace in Northeast Asia

June 26, 2023

 On Tuesday July 18 and Wednesday July 19, 2023, The Genron NPO will host the Asia Peace Conference 2023, bringing diplomatic and security experts together with former military officials from Japan, the US, China, and South Korea for a multilateral dialogue in Tokyo.

 Dialogue between the US and China was set in motion this week, showing that the previously tense relationship between the two great powers is beginning to change. According to a survey conducted by Genron in June, Japanese experts perceive the greatest security risk in northeast Asia to be the US-China conflict, but the question remains about whether this move towards re-establishing dialogue between the countries will lead to a healthy, stable relationship. Meanwhile, Northeast Asia is dealing with the Taiwan Strait issue, North Korea's nuclear missile program, and a number of other security challenges, and with no guardrails in place between the US and China, there is a danger of accidents escalating into something more.

 It is for these reasons that the Asia Peace Conference is gathering experts and former top-level government officials from the US and China for the first time in three years in Tokyo, where representatives from the four participating countries will discuss the most pressing security issues currently faced by the region, and the relationship between the two great powers, the US and China. The day of the conference will also see the release of Security Risks Facing Northeast Asia in 2023, a report based on an opinion survey of experts in Japan, the US, China, and South Korea, whereupon further discussion will be conducted based on the analysis of the 200 expert respondents.

 We hope you will be able to join us on Wednesday July 19 for the open forum, which will feature a panel of experts from all four countries, and for the panelist reception to be held after the open forum.


※Registration deadline: Friday, July 7

Asia Peace Conference 2023: Open Forum

Date:Tuesday, July 18 and Wednesday, July 19
Venue:International House of Japan  East Wing B1F「Iwasaki Koyata Memorial Hall」
Supports: Toshiba International Foundation, Henry Luce Foundation
Partner Institutions:China Foundation for International & Strategic Studies (CFISS), Asan Institute for Policy Studies, Pacific Forum
Main Theme: What efforts are needed to avoid conflict in Northeast Asia?

13:30-17:45   Open Forrum
13:30-14:00   Opening remarks、Keynote Speech
14:00-15:30   Session 1
15:45-17:15    Session 2
17:15-17:45    Closing remarks
18:00-20:00  Reception
Admission : Free
Language:Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation


Keynote Speech:Japanese Politician arranged
Katsutoshi Kawano (former Chief of Staff, the Japan Self-Defense Forces)
Yoji Koda (former Commander in Chief, the Self Defense Fleet)
Yasushi Kudo (President, the Genron NPO)
Yuji Miyamoto (former Ambassador to the People's Republic of China)
Osamu Onoda (former Air SDF Lieutenant General)

【United States】
Daniel Russel (Former Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs)
David Santoro (President, Pacific Forum)
Nicholas Szechenyi (Senior Fellow with the Japan Chair and Deputy Director for Asia at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) )
Mark Montgomery (Senior Director, Center on Cyber and Technology Innovation) *online

Jia Qingguo (Member of the Standing Committee of the 11th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference)
Ou Yang Wei (Vice Chairman of Academic Committee, Grandview Institution)
Fan Gaoyue (Guest professor at Sichuan University、former chief specialist at PLA Academy of Military Science、retired senior colonel)

Du Hyeogn Cha (Principal Fellow, the Asan Institute for Policy Studies)
General Choi Byung-hyuk (the President, the Korea Defense Veterans Association Korea Chapter)
Lim Sungnam (Former First Vice Foreign Minister, Former South Korean Embassy Ambassador for ASEAN)

The Asia Peace Conference was launched in 2020 by The Genron NPO as a private sector quadrilateral forum for dialogue, based on the bilateral dialogues Genron has been engaged in for close to two decades with representatives from China, South Korea, and the US. The Conference aims to analyze the security environment in Northeast Asia, and to foster dialogue on how to avoid unforeseen incidents and conflict, and achieve lasting peace in the region in the future.

※Registration deadline: Friday, July 7


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