On the role The Genron NPO should play in resolving Japan's challenges / Yuji Miyamoto

January 01, 2014

Yuji MiyamotoYuji Miyamoto
Chairman of Miyamoto Institute of Asian Research &
Former Ambassador to China

The Genron NPO as a base for building a better society

The world will change fast again during 2014. Countries and societies will survive only when they are capable of making reforms and accomplishing changes. Japan has changed drastically in the past and it will continue to do so in the future. The Japanese people have to identify challenges, design specific solutions and pressure the administrators to take action. The task inevitably will cover diplomatic issues for Japan's peace and prosperity.

Japan's civil society is required now to redefine the country in a wider and long-term perspective. People will then have their political leaders and administrators work along the lines of their ideas, instead of blindly assuming the government will make good policies.

The Genron NPO is expected to deliver the diverse perspectives of opinion leaders to society so that citizens can learn how to identify issues and design solutions. The NPO can also provide opportunities for citizens to have discussions with opinion makers who possess specialized knowledge. They can together share ideas in detail, facts, perceptions, logic and thinking. The process will demonstrate the democratic principle and will train the people to make the correct decisions. I would like to see The Genron NPO endeavor to set up such a process.

The Genron NPO should work to expand the membership basis during 2014. Once the membership increases to 100,000 or 500,000, or 1 million, their voices will mirror respectable public opinion with a powerful drive for change. It will help to empower Japan's civil society and our democracy.