On the role The Genron NPO should play in resolving Japan's challenges / Yoshihiko Miyauchi

January 01, 2014

Yoshihiko MiyauchiYoshihiko Miyauchi
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
ORIX Corp.

'Genron (speech)' increasingly important in Japan

I foresee brighter prospects for Japan in 2014. The government's new economic policies are having a positive impact, driving the yen weaker, making the stock market bullish and probably bringing the 20 years of deflation to an end. The current recovery - sparked by financial policies and public spending - should lead the economy to a solid growth path once again. We need to carefully watch how the government develops specific growth strategy measures, carefully following also the progress of the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership economic partnership agreement) negotiations and other deregulation measures.

Japan needs to take advantage of the private sector's vigor. The growth path will be paved only by healthy competition in a deregulated market and creative drives for new products/services. Deregulation requires a muscular Cabinet. During the upcoming year, Japanese voters should continue scrutinizing the government's growth strategy policies.

The Genron NPO will play an important role in promoting active discussions on the policies and in delivering people's voices to the public as well as to policymakers. I would like to continue my support for The Genron NPO with expectations that the power of "genron (speech)" will contribute to build a greater future for Japan.