Full-length Conference Video: The Tokyo Conference 2017To Address Issues Facing Us -Freedom and Democracy in Danger

March 09, 2017

The Genron NPO launched the "Tokyo Conference," an international forum to discuss the challenges facing democracy and freedom and the future of the world, with representatives of the leading think tanks from 10 advanced democracies attending.

Today, the principles of democracy and freedom are jeopardized all over the world, as populist moves are influencing government in the United States and Europe, resulting in an increasing inclination toward protectionism and exclusivism. In particular, the words and deeds of new U.S. President Donald Trump are anticipated to have a serious effect on the liberal international system and order, threatening to hinder international efforts to address diverse global issues.

Against such a backdrop, the Tokyo Conference aims to reconfirm the value of democracy and freedom as the norms that should be shared. At the same time, the forum is intended to have discussions on how to face these changes seriously. What will be agreed upon out of the discussions will be forwarded to the government of Italy, the chair of this year's Group of Seven Summit, as well as to the Japanese government.

Representatives of the leading think tanks in the 10 advanced democracies will attend the forum as panelists, together with Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs Shinsuke Sugiyama and Vice Minister of Finance Masatsugu Asakawa from the Japanese government and Japan's representative opinion leaders, to discuss how to grapple with the pressing global issues and the future of democracy and freedom.

"Tokyo Conference" - To Address Issues Facing Us -Freedom and Democracy in Danger
Date: March 4 (Sat.)

"Tokyo Conference"  Program
   1:30pm - 1:45pm Opening Remarks
   1:45pm - 3:30pm Session 1 "Populism and the Future of Democracy"
           Keynote Speaker: Shinsuke Sugiyama, Vice-Minister for Foreign Affairs
   3:40pm-5:25pm Session 2 "Trump Administration and the Future of International System"
           Keynote Speaker: Masatsugu Asakawa,
           Vice-Minister of Finance for International Affairs
   5:25pm-5:35pm Announcement of appeal to the 2017 G7 Summit
   5:35pm-5:55pm Special Remarks
           Fumio Kishida, Minister of Foreign Affairs
   5:55pm-6:00pm Closing Remarks   

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