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2017/07/06 [ G7 / G20 ]

G20 Hamburg Summit 2017
G20 and the Maintenance of the Liberal International Order

Yasusi Kudo President, The Genron NPO The Group of 20 (G20) is among the most important global forums for international economic cooperation and coordination. International society has faced numerous issues, what will be main agenda at the G20 Summit? This article is also published in the website o...

2017/05/31 [ G7 / G20 ]

Round-table discussion
Japanese experts see signs of new approaches
to solving global issues at G-7 summit

The latest leaders' meeting of the Group of Seven major economies held in Italy in May is likely to pave the way toward moves to address global issues from the point of view of ordinary people, according to noted Japanese researchers. The summit represented U.S. President Donald Trump's debut at th...

2017/05/23 [ North Korea ]

Round-table discussion
Diplomacy remains the most workable option
to ease tensions on Korean Peninsula

Tensions on the Korean Peninsula are mounting as North Korea continues to conduct missile tests in defiance of U.S. pressure and calls from neighboring countries for further sanctions against the reclusive state. Experts now say that a nuclear-armed North Korea is inevitable, and that the United St...

2017/01/21 [ Civil Diplomacy|East Asian Regional Security and Stability|Japan-China Relation|Japan-South Korea Relation|Public Opinion Surveys ]

President Yasushi Kudo's Address at The Sasakawa Peace Foundation: The Importance of Public Diplomacy in a Destabilizing Northeast Asia

On the 11th of January, a conference jointly sponsored by Genron NPO and The Sasakawa Peace Foundation (SPF-USA) was held, with around 100 individuals in attendance. After Dennis Blair, the Chairman of the Board and CEO of SPF-USA, gave his opening remarks, President Yasushi Kudo began his speech as...

2017/01/08 [ Democracy ]

What's on the agenda for 2017

Yasushi Kudo, President, The Genron NPO January 1, 2017 It gives me great pleasure to convey my New Year's message to you as president of The Genron NPO. We are grateful for the cooperation and support you have extended to our various initiatives launched in 2016. 2017 has just begun. I believe tha...