Invitation to the Tokyo Conference on Democracy 2019 Forum and Reception

The Genron NPO's The 18th Anniversary Event
The Tokyo Conference on Democracy 2019 Forum and Reception

November 19 (Tue.), 2019 
1:30~6:20pm The Tokyo Conference on Democracy 2019 Forum

"How to reinvent our democracy and liberal international orderーWhat are our responsibilities?"

 Venue:Hotel New Otani "Orizuru Rei Room" and "Orizuru Mai Room"
(4-1 Kioi-cho, Chiyo da-ku, Tokyo)
 1:30-2:30pm Opening remark and discussion
 Keynote Remark:Anders Fogh Rasmussen(Former Prime Minister of Denmark, the 12th Secretary
General of NATO, the Founder of the Copenhagen Democracy Summit )

2:30-4:10pm Session 1 "What are necessary reforms for our representative democracy?"
 Josep M Colomer (Professor, Georgetown University)
 Alexander Goerlach (Senior Fellow, Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs)
 Josef Lentsch (Founding Board Member of NEOS (Liberal Forum Director of NEOS)
 Yasushi Kudo(President, The Genron NPO)

4:20-6:20pm  Session 2 "What is the role of Japan and its responsibility for the reform
of democracy?"
 Yoshimitsu Kobayashi (Director of the Board, Chairperson, Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings)
 Shigeki Uno (Professor, The University of Tokyo)
 Yasushi Kudo (President, The Genron NPO )
 Yoichi Nishimura (Managing Director, Asahi Shimbun)

6:00-6:20pm Presentation of the statement, Closing remark

6:30-8:30pm Reception 

After the forum, the panelists, the members of the Advisory Board of the Genron NPO and other people who have supported the Genron NPO will participate in the anniversary party.

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