Immediate Goals

Transmitting opinions from Japan
on democracy, peace in Asia and global issues

Reviving Japan's Democracy

In order to reinforce the functionality of democracy, representative democracy centering on elections, must work effectively as a cycle for problem-solving. To this end, we have been conducting evaluations of political parties' manifesto election pledges and reviews of the achievements of the government's policy targets on a regular basis. The evaluation and review process is made open to the public to provide a venue for voters to make judgments on key policies. In addition, we are assessing the state of diverse democratic systems in Japan and other Asian countries by means of joint opinion polls. We are holding debates with many overseas countries and making recommendations that are designed to make democratic systems function well.

Building Peace in Northeast Asia

The situation in Northeast Asia is unstable due to the rivalry between an emerging China and Japan and the United States. The denuclearization of North Korea is not only a problem for the Korean Peninsula but also a process that is indispensable for the construction of peace in this part of the world. The Genron NPO has been grappling with the challenge of realizing peace in the region by maintaining Japan-China dialogue over a decade and through the Japan-South Korea dialogue started five years ago, and the four-nation joint opinion poll and dialogue, involving Japan, China, South Korea and the United States, which was just launched in 2017.

Addressing Global Issues

Amid the instability in the international order, diverse global issues are worsening. In developed countries, moves toward populism, public distrust of democracy and trade protectionism are all emerging. In such circumstances, The Genron NPO is addressing global issues in collaboration with the world's leading think tanks and proactively transmitting the contents of debates in Japan to the rest of the world, while engaging itself in the process of formulating international opinion on solutions of these global issues.