Mission Statement

Strengthen democracy and civil society
through the power of debate

The primary mission of The Genron NPO is to use the power of debate to strengthen Japan's democracy and civil society. A strong democracy calls on each citizen to grapple with political issues as stakeholders with a resolve to choose their country's future by themselves. To strengthen Japan's political system, and solve the challenges at home and abroad, citizens must first become stronger. A strong civil society means a society in which citizens voluntarily take action in order to tackle the challenges in society by themselves, and these efforts are respected.

The Genron NPO provides necessary materials to enable each citizen to think what Japan's politics and civil society should be like, and about the challenges facing Japan and other countries in the world that would allow them to make their own decisions. We organize opportunities to participate in such engaging discussions.

Using the strength of debate, The Genron NPO will create the momentum for problem-solving initiatives based on problem awareness in Japan.